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Let’s shop with Eleanor Bennett and her gorgeous vintage treasures!


Who is behind Handmade Etsy?



Maria Eugenia Fernandez is the person behing Handmade Etsy. She truly loves jewelry, painting and handmade items. She works in marketing plus she creates beautiful headpieces and hats.Enjoy this site!

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A week ago I fell in love for some of Eleanor’s treasures. I have always loved vintage and her Etsy shops matches with my vintage look. I decided to make a quick “email interview” and ask her about her treasures, her favorite items and why did she decide to become and Etsy seller. Eleanor, always so kind, answered me this:



1.Below is a 1950s Kigu Cherie – a heart shaped compact.
It is so romantic & this one is in mint condition.
When I find something vintage in mint condition it is such a treat.
Ususally it is because they have been kept in the pouch.



2. Below is a Stratton Musica which is also in mint condition.
It was also made in 1950s. I adore it because it is in such beautiful condition with gorgeous white enamel decorated with
eye-catching roses. The best bit is the music it plays
“Around the World” the theme tune from the 1956 movie Around the World in 80 Days. My friend Lizbeth Batho was is a compact collector with many talents provided me with the information
regarding the tune.





3.  When this arrived from America I could not believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had a Petit Boudoir by Volupte. The metal mirror on the top was so dirty it looked like it didn’t have a mirror until I polished it.
I have only ever seen two of these for sale.




4. I love this vintage Kigu as it a locket top with a very special
lady featured Winne Atwell the boogie woogie singing sensation.
An American seervice man bet that she couldn’t play boogie woogie & so she went home a wrote the massive hit 5 Finger Boogie which was to become a massive hit.




5. I have to pinch myself when I handle this.
It is sterling silver with beautiful green guilloche enamel made by the highly regarded silversmiths J Gloster Ltd in 1922.




6.I could not go without including a Whiting & Davis mesh bag/purse. American collectibles are so glamourous!
Originally the Whiting & Davis mesh purses were made from
sterling silver that was gold plated. Can you imagine that?What I adore most about vintage collectibles is that they we made to last. Such workmanship & pride in the brands which stood the test of time.




7.I love Regent of London. A Company called Searchlight Products Ltd made compacts & vanities in the 1950s. Very little is known about them & they ceased trading by the mid 1960s.
Their products were exquisite, porcelain & hand painted enamel.
This vanity set is no exception just read the listing & the little alarm clock still works!



Beautiful items! I particularly love the clutch and the Kigus. There are lovely!

Eleanor also says that since she has opened her Etsy shop her hours are a bit crazy. “Bed at 2am is not unusual”. Good luck Eleanor!

If you want to find more about Eleanor and her shop you can find her:





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