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Giulia…you know how to paint!


Who is behind Handmade Etsy?



Maria Eugenia Fernandez is the person behing Handmade Etsy. She truly loves jewelry, painting and handmade items. She works in marketing plus she creates beautiful headpieces and hats.Enjoy this site!

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Here comes other treasure! In this case is Giulia Sara Bellunato and her gorgeous paintings. Her portraits are just gorgeous. Her technique is: from paper to the digital support.

Original Pastel Drawing on paper, golden nude No.21

Original Pastel Drawing on paper, golden nude No.21

“My intent is to offer to all of you the possibility to have an original image of yourself in the style you like: realistic, cartoon, comic, caricature, stylized, graphic, etc…
If you like to imagine yourself like an angel, a superhero, a medieval knight or other stuff like that I can make your dream come true!”

I decided to know a bit more about her and her reply was charming and full of good content. He can draw since  she was little. She studied art at high school and she fall in love for painters like Klimt, Schiele, Boldini, Mucha and all artists who exalt feminine beauty with their art.
She also says “Meanwhile I develop interest for manga, comics, graphic novels which I have a good collection in my room. I admire illustrators like Yoshitaka Amano and Claire Wendling and Ai Yazawa. I love animation movies of Hayao Miyazaki more than Disney.
After High school I made a three years course at the Italian National School of cinema into the animation department and this allowed me to become an animator.”

About Etsy she only have good words:” I opened my shop in 2010 after the suggestion of my dear friend Lucia who has a handmade clothing’s shop which have a lot of success (Larimeloom)
In that period I was without job and I was looking for a way to express my art on my own and Etsy was a good solution.
Etsy experience doesn’t allow me to live just with this activity so I continue to work into the animation world but I’m very happy and I get a lot of satisfaction when people ask me custom works in portraiture! I always desired to be a painter, I love make portrait and is a dream to live just doing it.”

You can check her Etsy shop at http://www.etsy.com/people/juliacalimera and enjoy her lovely paintings. She is amazing!

Grey boy portrait - print 8x11.5 inch (21x29.5 cm)

Grey boy portrait – print 8×11.5 inch (21×29.5 cm)

Blue Violet Lotus girl in black ink - print 8x11.5 inch (21x29.5 cm)

Blue Violet Lotus girl in black ink – print 8×11.5 inch (21×29.5 cm)

Dita Von Teese Something Blue portrait - print 8x11.5 inch (21x29.5 cm)

Dita Von Teese Something Blue portrait – print 8×11.5 inch (21×29.5 cm)

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