Bodas estilo Gran Gatsby

Estilo de vida 20’s 

Durante esta época, las mujeres comenzaron a tener una vida social muy intensa. Bebían, fumaban, desafiaban a las leyes y a los estereotipos. Este tipo de actitudes se reflejaban en la manera de andar y sobre todo, de vestir.

Dejaron de utilizar el corsé y se ponían plumas y flecos para facilitar sus movimientos. Por supuesto, las podías encontrar bailando y escuchando música Jazz o Charleston.

Es ahora cuando la mujer empieza a ser consciente de su identidad, adoptando una gran personalidad e imagen misteriosa.

Moda 20’s

Parece que con la llegada del Gran Gatsby la moda de los 20’s se esta poniendo otra vez de “moda” (valga la redundancia). Y es que…

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The Great Gatsby Comes To Oxford Circus

See u there Pal!

Poster Boy's Page

“There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy and the tired” wrote F. Scott Fitzgerald in “The Great Gatsby”. I suppose it’s relatively unlikely that he was thinking about Oxford Circus in the rush hour when he penned that line, but as any central London commuter will attest being on the tube at rush hour does often feel like an exercise in being pursued by (and pursuing) those self same busy and tired.

Fortunately, those fine folk at CBS Outdoor, Kinetic and PHD have created a *belter* of wrap for the film adaptation of the classic novel:

Poster Boy


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The World’s Top 10 Most Amazing Homes Covered in Something.


Giulia…you know how to paint!

Here comes other treasure! In this case is Giulia Sara Bellunato and her gorgeous paintings. Her portraits are just gorgeous. Her technique is: from paper to the digital support.

Original Pastel Drawing on paper, golden nude No.21

Original Pastel Drawing on paper, golden nude No.21

“My intent is to offer to all of you the possibility to have an original image of yourself in the style you like: realistic, cartoon, comic, caricature, stylized, graphic, etc…
If you like to imagine yourself like an angel, a superhero, a medieval knight or other stuff like that I can make your dream come true!”


Croquis Elegants

Gorgeous style! I love vintage!



NB: the sandals on the lady with the long shorts. Inspiration for a weekend drawing. Stay tuuuned for a strong.HOUSE.style illustration!

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Gorgeous copper necklace by Laura Busoni

I have a passion for jewelry for years. I usually buy online creative and elegant designs trying to build  a unique collection on my own. I have to say that Laura Busoni designs really impressed me. She creates beautiful necklaces, collars, bracelets… out of copper and I can only say two words: 1. A  2. Mazing.

She talks about her own experience: “For the past 10 years, I’ve been trying out as many different creative outlets as possible. I’ve amassed a pretty random skill set, from costume design, fashion illustration, model making, welding, and personal styling. Along with those, I’ve cultivated a love for junk shops, medical curiosities, and taxidermy. It seemed kind of impossible to choose just one those things to focus on, so I began hand crafting a line of innovative jewelry, which has allowed me to combine most of those random skills in a pretty satisfying way.


The Trio of Madmen

Amazing drawings!

Haydn Corke Art

The Trio of Madmen

Incomplete trio of Madmen. Each on an A5 photocopy of the bible. Stay posted to see the final piece.

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